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Our Mission:

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Our Mission:

When we study scripture we see a clear call to discipleship, this is a call that we want to be passionately pursuing.  Our mission statement is…


We are a community of believers that strives in our faith to surrender, grow, serve, and share.

Our Values:

This is the driving force behind what we do as a church. 


Surrender - Others before self and Christ above all.

Verse: Matthew 22:37-39


Grow - Growing as a disciple in obedience, fellowship, and prayer. 

Verse: Acts 2:42


Serve - Serving the Church and the community in love.

Verse: Romans 12:10-11


Share - Telling our neighbors and the nations about the grace of Jesus Christ.

Verse: Acts 1:8



All our services, events, ministries, and activities revolve around one or more of these values. 

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